Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Yes We Can!

Can't you just sense it? The world is saying, as one, as humanity we will try to help alleviate the misery of the Tsunami. A couple of observations.

  • Yes A Early Warning System Will Work

I know that the key information is not seismic data it is ocean height and tsunamis are extremely long wavelength in the deep ocean and thus hard to detect. However I think this thing can be done for very cheap and should have been done a long time ago. I, Cringely had an interesting comment on this. I think its kind of arrogant and condescending when I hear people say, oh building this early warning system will be such a waste of resources. Those racist and classist (for lack of better words) fucks. Next time I hear someone say that I am going to confront them.

  • Big Ben

I came across how ben rothingingaberger, you know that rookie QB for the stealers, how he gave his playoff check to the tsunami victims. I mean that is how you know this is something a little different. Of course he's hardly the only one, but still its Big Ben, he's a fucking rookie!

I hope that private money is more that public money that would be such a good thing. It turns out that people want to give more! Its the governments that are getting in the way. This is good in that in an ideal world this is how money would get allocated, its bad because this is not the real world we need experts to determine where the solvable problems are and how money can be best spent that’s the job of government. World government and all their black helicopters that is!

  • Willing Redistribution of Wealth
But seriously I think we have just crossed an important line. People now realize that yes, we can do something collectively, we can solve the problems of the world or at least we can try. We have the internet! Lets do it. Let’s partner AIDS victims with donors. We can get antiretroviral paid for! Lets get some DDT and use it to save kids from malaria. Of course if problems were easy to solve they wouldn't be real problems. But I don't think that solvable problems that just need money need to go without funding anymore. Did you hear that Jeffrey Sachs? People are opening their wallets, you don't need to convince governments you fool! Take your case (and your web page) to the people!

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